A-Z Room Das Aunhamer Suite & Spa Hotel

You can find all of the important information here.



General information

You can reach us at any time via the following extensions:

Reception: 1000
Restaurant: 8000
Bar: 8020


We serve dinner at our restaurant on the ground floor starting at 6:00 p.m. The restaurant closes at 10:00 p.m. Our kitchen is still available to you until 10:30 p.m. If you booked half board, your table has already been reserved for you.


We request that you leave your room by 11:00 a.m. If you are not departing until later, you have two options.

Late Check-Out (until 6:00 p.m.) including the use of the room and wellness area €55.00 per room, depending on availability

Late Wellness (until 6:00 p.m.), including the use of our wellness area €15.00 per person


You can check in any time after 3:00 p.m.


Landgerichts-Apotheke, Stadtplatz 7, 94086 Bad Griesbach im Rottal & St. Konrad-Apotheke, Hauptstr. 16 · 94086 Bad Griesbach im Rottal
On-call doctor: Tel. 116117, Emergency number: 112


Praxis Dr. Tegelkamp, Stadtplatz 24, 94086 Bad Griesbach im Rottal
Dr. med. Siegfried Fürst, Stadtplatz 11, 94086 Bad Griesbach im Rottal


Excursions - Das Aunhamer - Suite & Spa Hotel (das-aunhamer.de)


Dressing gown

Will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive.

We request that you leave the dressing gown and beach bag in your room when you depart.

If we do not find them there after your departure, we will congratulate you on your excellent taste and will take the liberty of charging you for the missing items.

Beach bags

Beach bags will be waiting for you in your room.

Bath towels and hand towels will be replaced in your room.

You are welcome to request additional sauna towels at the reception.

Please leave the beach bags in your room when you depart.

If you want to take our blue beach bags with you, you can purchase them for EUR 20 each (including VAT) at our reception.

-- --

We request that you leave the beach bag in your room when you depart.

If we do not find them there after your departure, we will congratulate you on your excellent taste and will take the liberty of charging you for the missing items.

Railway station

Karpfham, 94094 Rotthalmünster
Bad Birnbach, 84364 Bad Birnbach
Passau Hbf, 94032 Passau


The bar is open from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
In addition to an excellent wine menu, you will also find an interesting selection of spirits here.

Link: https://www.das-aunhamer.de/bruno-s-bar.html


We offer a wide selection of wellness treatments. Treatments at our spa must be booked at least 14 days before arrival, as we cannot guarantee there will be open appointments during your stay.

You can find all of the information about our offers & prices here: >> More information <<


Do you need a hypo-allergenic blanket and/or pillow or want an additional blanket or pillow?

We will happily fulfil that wish – please let our reception or housekeeping know!


You can pay your bill in cash in euros or use your EC or credit card (MasterCard, Visa).


You can find the billiard table to the left of our reception in the “Blauer Salon”. The use of the billiard table is included. Cues and chalk are available at our reception.


Would you like to surprise someone? We are happy to help.



Would you like to fax, print or copy something?

Our team at reception is happy to assist. An iMac is available for you to use in our lobby.


Dining - Breakfast at DAS AUNHAMER

We serve breakfast daily at our restaurant from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Food - Clothing

You can relax and dress accordingly at our restaurant. We do not require a tie or suit jacket at dinner. We do request that our guests wear closed-toed shoes and evening casual wear.


Bicycle rental

Would you like to take a bicycle or eBike tour?

The AktiVital Hotel is located approx. 500 m away where you can rent bicycles and eBikes. We are happy to assist.


The following television stations are available on our TVs:



03 ZDF Neo HD

04 RTL

05 RTL 2

06 RTL Nitro

07 VOX

08 Super RTL

09 RTL Plus

10 ProSieben

11 Sat1

12 Sat1 Gold

13 Kabel1


15 N-TV

16 Eurosport 1 Germany

17 EuroNews

18 Phoenix HD

19 N24

20 Servus TV HD

21 Niederbayern TV HD

22 Bayerisches Fernsehen HD

23 NDR Fernsehen Hamburg HD

24 NDR Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

25 NDR Niedersachsen

26 NDR Schleswig Holstein


28 VOXup

29 PRO 7 maxx

Fire alarm

Please note the escape routes on your floor, which are marked in green. You can find a map of the escape routes with your current location next to the door to your room. There are also fire extinguishers on every floor. You will be notified of an emergency by a siren.

Fitness studio

You can find the fitness studio in the basement to the left of the entrance to the spa. It is open 24 hours.

Photocopier and scanner

You can make photocopies at any time at reception. We charge EUR 0.30 per copy. You are also welcome to use our scanner. We charge EUR 1.00 per scan.

Escape route

The escape stairwells are located at the end of every corridor. Do not use lifts in the event of a fire!


We serve breakfast daily at our restaurant from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Lost and found

Please turn in found items and report lost items at reception. We store and keep track of all lost and found items. The hotel does not assume any liability for items that cannot be found.

If you forget something in your room, please let us know right away.


Luggage service

Upon request, we offer a luggage service which you are welcome to request at reception.

Luggage storage

Our arriving and departing guests can safely store their luggage at reception.

Beverage menu

You can find our beverage menu online on our website.

Link: https://www.das-aunhamer.de/bruno-s-bar.html


Bad Griesbach is Europe's largest golf resort. We are happy to book tee times, lessons or courses.



In order to introduce as little detergent to the environment as possible and conserve essential resources, we ask that you: Only place bath and hand towels on the floor if you want us to replace them.

You are welcome to request more bath/sauna towels for the wellness area at reception.


If you have forgotten any toiletries, e.g. toothbrush or razor set, reception is happy to provide them upon request.


Info folder/info material

Free city maps and info brochures for excursion destinations are available in front of the lift on the ground floor.


Pillow menu

We offer the following pillows: Neck support pillow, down pillow, hypo-allergenic pillow, throw pillows

Please call our reception staff by dialling 1000.

Luggage cart

Luggage carts are available in the basement near the lifts


Rotthalmünster Hospital, Simbacher Str. 35 · 94094 Rotthalmünster


Charging cable/charger

We are happy to provide you a charger for your mobile. Please call our reception staff by dialling 1000.

Late Check-Out

Are you enjoying your stay with us so much you don't want to check out at 11:00? You are welcome to ask our reception staff if we can offer a late check-out for your room.

We charge €55.00 per room for late check-out (depending on availability); use of the wellness area is also included

Late Wellness

Our wellness area invites you to stay a while. Why not extend your stay on your departure date?

We are happy to offer you the option to use our wellness area until 6:00 p.m. on your departure date.

We charge €10.00 per person for the Late Wellness package, which includes the use of a dressing gown and beach bag



Upon arrival, the minibar is stocked with 2 bottles of water which are included in the price of your room. Further beverages can be ordered for a fee using our minibar menu.


Night porter

Our night shift staff are available at reception from 11:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. and can be reached by dialling 1000. Please understand that the night porter has to patrol the facility on occasion and may not be at the counter.

Sewing kit

Our reception staff are happy to provide you an emergency sewing kit.


In the event of an emergency, please notify us by dialling 1000.

In case of emergency:

Fire brigade 0112

Police 0110



Indoor pool heated to 30°C: Length 10.5 m, width 5.50 m, depth 1.35 m
Outdoor pool heated to 34°C: Length 15 m, width 5.90 m, depth 1.30 m


If you want to send a letter or postcard, please ask us.



Forgot your umbrella? Our reception staff are happy to lend you an umbrella.

Laundry service

We are happy to send your clothes to the laundry. Please hand in your laundry before 9:00 a.m. so you can potentially receive it back within 24 hours. Please understand that the laundry is only open from Monday to Friday. You can get a laundry bag from reception at any time.


Breakfast 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Dinner 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


You can reach us by dialling 1000
Our reception can reached by telephone 24 hours a day.

Room service

Only upon request

Relaxation rooms

Three relaxation rooms/day rooms are available to you at our hotel:

“Forest” relaxation room
“Siam” relaxation room
Aqua day room



Your personal safe is available to you in your wardrobe. Do you have questions about how to use it? We are happy to assist.


Finnish sauna approx. 90 degrees, steam sauna approx. 45 degrees, organic sauna approx. 60 degrees
Saunas are open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Shoe polisher

A modern shoe polisher is available to you in the basement.

Our reception staff will provide you shoes polishing utensils upon request.

Shuttle service

We are happy to drive you to the Karpfhamer railway station upon request. Please speak to our reception staff to book an appointment.


Our reception staff is happy to provide you room slippers upon request. IMPORTANT: They are not suitable for use in wet areas.

Snack menu at the bar

You can find our BAR snack menu online via the following link:

Link: https://www.das-aunhamer.de/bruno-s-bar.html

Snack menu at the spa

You can find our SPA snack menu online via the following link:

Link: https://www.das-aunhamer.de/spa-garten.html


If you need a international outlet adapter, we are happy to provide one. Simply ask our reception staff.



If you require a taxi, please speak to our team.

Technical services

Is there a problem with your room? Please let us know and we will take care of it!


If your room number is, for example, 201, the extension is 1201 instead of zero. When calling from room to room, dial the room number you wish to call.

You can call reception by dialling 1000. For an outside line, please dial 0 before the number.

Bad Griesbach Hot Spring
Underground parking garage

DAS AUNHAMER has an underground parking garage with 70 parking spaces for €5.00 per night. We also have suitable parking spaces for bicycles. If you have an eBike, you can charge it directly at the car park using one of the many outlets.

Our underground parking garage also has disabled parking spaces. Please place your placard in your vehicle where it can be seen.

Tourist information

Spa Administration Bad Griesbach, Stadtplatz 1, 94086 Bad Griesbach im Rottal


Change of bed linens

We will change your bed linens daily upon request.

Wake-up service

If you want a wake-up call, please let us know the time the night before.


Our wellness area is located in the basement and is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.


WiFi is available throughout the entire hotel.

Password: Griesbach2021



Various current periodicals and newspapers are available to you at the reception desk. The costs will be charged to your hotel bill.


All of our rooms are non-smoking. They are furnished with luxurious box-spring beds. If the bed linens are inadequate, please contact our reception staff.
The team will clean your room daily and replace hand towels and bed linens upon request.

Room card

Please take your room card with you after 11:00 p.m. as the main entrance access then changes technically.
A locking system is located on the wall next to the main entrance to open the door.


Secret Deals